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Business Continuity: Strategic Planning

The word “strategy” comes from the Greek strategos, referring to a military general and combining stratos (the army) and ago (to lead). The primary tasks of strategic management are to: understand the environment define organizational goals identify options make and implement decisions evaluate actual performance Long Range Planning Traditional long-range planning is based on the concept that planning consists of … Continue reading

Business Continuity Tips

Below are twelve Business Continuity tips I have gathered. Ensure that your strategy align with your primary business processes Build your BC Plan around corporate goals, objectives, customer tolerance levels and capabilities; not on RTO, RPO and unrealistic recovery determinants Make sure that your business continuity plan is not focused on a single element – business continuity is more than … Continue reading


Both the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF)  and ITIL’s framework follow a lifecycle approach ITIL uses five elements for its lifecycle: Strategy, Design, Transition, Operation, and Continual Improvement, ITIL has 26 Processes and four functions MOF’s lifecycle core consists of only three phases: Plan, Deliver, and Operate, with one underlying layer (Manage) covering the components that apply to all lifecycle phases. … Continue reading