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Resource Pools

There are two resource pools (internal and default) are created when SQL Server 2012 is installed however more resource pools can be created by the user. What are resource pools? Well they represent a subset of the physical resources available to a Database Engine instance of SQL Server 2012 which intern can host one or more workload groups. The Resource … Continue reading

Workload Groups

The Resource Governor Classifier identifies when a session starts and assigns the session to a workload group. Workload groups function as containers for session requests that share similar classification criteria. Workload groups are assigned to resource pools. There are two built-in workload group, the internal group and the default group, but we can create user-defined workload groups. These groups can … Continue reading

Configuring Resource Governor

Resource Governor is a SQL Server 2012 feature that enables you to place limits on the consumption of CPU and memory resources within a SQL Server 2012 Database Engine instance. It enables us to allocate session requests to different resources based on the characteristics of the session request properties It can help you get a handle on out-of-control queries by … Continue reading