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Efficient Management of IT is important to me. I have often heard and read about "IT having their own agenda" yes IT is not the car you have just purchased but it is the oil and without that oil your car will quickly seize up.

I have worked as an IT manager and as an IT consultant.and understand the attractions and benefits of outsourcing, but if you felt that your IT department had their own agenda while they were part of your company, as an outsource department they no longer have no further interest in your company than to tie you up in contractual red tape and encourage you to purchase items that were not in the contract. The problem is that IT is not really a product you can buy off the shelf as much as senior management would like, this is because no business operates the same way. Each department operates with their bespoke processes and for IT to work effectively they need to understand how they work otherwise the machinery of the organisation comes to a sudden hault.

Outsourcing can open up a business to standardise practices and wealth of highly skilled individuals, but like with Prince2 you may need to tailor your expectations.

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Business Continuity Planning & Management Support

Management support is a major requirement for anything that has such far-reaching ramifications as business continuity planning. Disaster recovery, continuity development, and planning work best in a top-down approach, not a bottom-up approach. This means that management, not the staff, should be driving the project so it is critical that management understands what the real threats are to the organisation, … Continue reading

Issue Register (Log)

Purpose Provides a unique number to each Project Issue Records the type of Project Issue Summarises of all the Project Issues, with analysis and status Content Project Issue identifier Project Issue type (Request for Change, Off-Specification or other) Author Identified date Last updated date Description Priority Status. Inputs Anyone associated with the project


Availability Management

The purpose of Availability Management is to provide a point of focus and management for all availability-related issues, relating to services, components and resources, ensuring that availability targets in all areas are measured and achieved, and that they match or exceed the current and future agreed needs of the business in a cost-effective manner. Availability Management should take place at … Continue reading

Living with Code

Prince2 Study Notes

Prince2: Project Assurance

Effective Project Assurance Project assurance helps manage risk and improves delivery confidence. Project assurance supports SROs and others responsible for successful delivery whilst providing funders and other stakeholders with the confidence that the project can deliver to: time budget quality. All projects procurements property developments policy initiatives business change schemes Benefit from independent challenge and therefore, all organisations should have … Continue reading