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Efficient Management of IT is important to me. I have often heard and read about "IT having their own agenda" yes IT is not the car you have just purchased but it is the oil and without that oil your car will quickly seize up.

I have worked as an IT manager and as an IT consultant.and understand the attractions and benefits of outsourcing, but if you felt that your IT department had their own agenda while they were part of your company, as an outsource department they no longer have no further interest in your company than to tie you up in contractual red tape and encourage you to purchase items that were not in the contract. The problem is that IT is not really a product you can buy off the shelf as much as senior management would like, this is because no business operates the same way. Each department operates with their bespoke processes and for IT to work effectively they need to understand how they work otherwise the machinery of the organisation comes to a sudden hault.

Outsourcing can open up a business to standardise practices and wealth of highly skilled individuals, but like with Prince2 you may need to tailor your expectations.

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Business Continuity: Strategic Planning

The word “strategy” comes from the Greek strategos, referring to a military general and combining stratos (the army) and ago (to lead). The primary tasks of strategic management are to: understand the environment define organizational goals identify options make and implement decisions evaluate actual performance Long Range Planning Traditional long-range planning is based on the concept that planning consists of … Continue reading

Commissioning a Risk Review

A designated team is established either in-house or contracted in to consider all the operations and activities of the organisation in relation to its objectives and to identify the associated risks. The team should work by conducting a series of interviews with key staff at all levels of the organisation to build a risk profile for the whole range of … Continue reading


Impact Assessment

The best way of preparing a business impact assessment is to start with first identifying the risks, then once identified the next step is to identify how these would affect specific business operations. For example when I joined Bourne Steel I identified that the company had no buffer stock which meant that if there was a fault on CAD machine, … Continue reading

Living with Code

Prince2 Study Notes

Prince2: Work Package

The purpose of the Work Package is to provide information on required products as compiled by the Project Manager to pass responsibility for work or delivery formally to a Team Manager or team member. The content of the Work Package includes the following: Date Team or person authorised Work Package description Product Description(s) Techniques/processes/procedures to be used Interfaces to be satisfied by the work … Continue reading